Monday, February 27, 2006


Store Captured Images In PC

You should have already installed the software provided along with the camera. I have a Pentax OptioS5nDigital Camera. ACDSee software for Pentax is installed in my PC. The software installed by you in your PC should be equally good. However I am giving you the broad guide lines based on ACDSee. The step- by-step approach should be the same for other software also. Go thro’ the PC Connection Manual given to you.
Setting up the USB connection mode of your camera to PC
1.Press the menu button in the camera and have the setting menu displayed in monitor.
2There will be two options for USB connection. One will be for PC and another for PictBridge. Select PC andpress ‘OK’. The setting will stay on. (Need for the option for PictBridge is to enable you to print images directly from the camera without using a PC. i.e. by connecting the camera to a printer that supports PictBridge using the USB cable specific to the camera.)
The camera should not be connected to the PC in PictBridge mode and should not also be connected to the printer in PC mode
Transferring images to a PC
1.Turn your PC - ‘ON’
2.Keep your camera turned ‘OFF’ and connect it to your PC with USB cable.
3.Turn your camera ‘ON’
4.Device Detector screen appears automatically. Confirm ‘Acquire images from the device’ is checked and click OK.
5.Click ‘Next’ and select the images to be copied. Click ‘Next’
6.Specify name and save destination of the images and click ‘Next’. The images are copied to the PC.
7.Click ‘Finish’ and close the application of software.
Disconnecting the camera from your PC
1.A ’Safely Remove Hardware’ icon in the case of Windows XP or an ‘Unplug or Eject Hardware’ icon in the case of Windows 2000/Me will be there in the task bar. Double click the icon.
2.The ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ screen will appear. Select ‘ USB Mass Storage Device’ and click ‘Stop’.
3.The ‘Stop a Hardware device’ screen will appear. Select ‘USB Mass Storage Device’ and click ‘OK’.
4.A message ‘Safe to Remove Hardware’ appears.
5.Now disconnect the USB cable from the PC and the camera.

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