Saturday, July 08, 2006


Sports Mode in Digital Camera


This mode enables you to capture clear images of moving subjects especially those action shots in sports. This is made possible with a high shutter speed. However, number of other constraints is there to be overcome by a photographer before he captures a vital moment of action, which gives life and makes a sports picture fantastic. He has got to be pretty well aware of actions involved and situations of importance distinct to different sports events and the positioning he has to adopt for a specific event.


A digicam with 3X optical zoom is fine enough. A tripod or monopod with a pan table is quite essential. A telephoto lens and a flash with high output are optional. For the professional photographer anyway, the needs will be much more and advanced.


Unless you are a press photographer you will not get correct locations close enough for an action shot. You have to plan wisely and decide the apt locations available for you to be as close as possible. This should be your first task.
You should not miss an action. You should be in vigilant watch so that you can correctly expect an event to happen. By keeping the shutter release half way down in a ready mood, you can click at the exact moment of action.
You should keep focus on the player and change it closely following the movement of the player. If the action you expect is on a specific location you can keep the focus there and wait for the player to move to that location.
Keep the camera vertical so that the full height of the player is captured during the moment of action.
You should take a shot of an individual player at any one moment unless two or more players are involved in a special event
A Guide Display should be available in your camera forming a grid of three vertical sections and three horizontal sections. Improve your composition by placing the subject where the grid lines intersect. If the player is moving to the right, place him in the left third line. if he is moving to the right, place him in the right third line.
Keep in mind always that to capture also the face of the player with whatever emotion that gets revealed in his face is most important. Zoom in whenever necessary.
You should make number of shots during an exciting moment of the event. One of the shots may become really memorable and you may not have to worry later that you have missed a good shot!
A bit of experience will really enrich your mettle in sports photography!

I re-visited the blog today, after a few months.
Amazing amount of useful information has been given here.
Beginners as well as longtime users have lots to learn from this site.
Thanks to Mr. Appoothy for his devoted service.
Kalyanasundaram, Chennai.
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