Monday, August 14, 2006


Shooting Scenes of fireworks with Digital Camera


Taking photos of sparkler fireworks with colorful trails is a fine adventure during a night.
But you have to follow certain guidelines to capture a shot loaded with magical results.
Learn beforehand as to what exact type of scene you are to capture in the moment to arrive.
It may that of a flowerpot radiating sparkles upwards or a hand held wheel radiating
vertical spirals. For either of these situations you may have to position yourself away in front.
If it is a revolving ground wheel you may have to position yourself up above with your
camera poised downwards.
If the explosion and sparkle trail is to take place in the open sky you may have to locate
yourself at a high altitude.
But in all these situations positioning your camera with a tripod is essential. Ensure that
you will have an unobstructed view of the sparkle trail whatever way be its turn or travel.
Study the area and make sure that there are no unwanted structures or stray lights in the
Make sure that you are at right angles to the direction of wind at the specific location.
You should also set your focus in advance and be alert.
The two other most important tips to follow are:
1.The flash should be kept 'off' and if not possible should be covered with a mask.
2.The camera should be set in Continuous Shooting Mode and you should start
shooting a moment before the first flash of sparkle trail appears in the scene.

Then one of your shots is most likely to be a splendid one!


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