Thursday, June 22, 2006


Sunset Mode in Digital Camera

The sunset mode is another picture mode in digital camera, which enables you to capture the beautiful colors of the scene of not only the sunset but also of sunrise. Seasoned photographers sometimes opt for the program mode itself or the night scene mode with fill flash to achieve the results they yearn for in the image of a sunset. Here again one's imagination and creative thought play a major role.
However, you can just follow a few guidelines to help you and easily get very fine results in the sunset mode.
You should keep yourself at a position fairly high enough where you get a good view without other elements of distraction. A total view of the sun may be preferred for sunrise but a view of glitter ten minutes after sunset may make a fine shot. It cannot be just the view of the sunrise or sunset that matters. An apt inclusion of the skyline, an impact of dark clouds, a reflection of sun in water or other reflected effects in the foreground alone shall make that a piece of art. Your lookout should be to capture a dramatic blend of the above image with a rich variety of colors also.
You should then ensure that the sun is down below in the sky to the extent of 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon if the sun is not bright due to a cover of clouds a slightly higher position of the sun in the sky may also be considered for a capture. You should compose the scene to ensure that the sky is highlighted to the greatest extent possible.
Number of shots of the same scene will have to be made at short intervals of time keeping the optical zoom at the maximum zoomed in position. The EV compensation setting should be kept at -1.0.
Every sunrise and sunset offers you a new opportunity and your shot at anyone early moment of sunrise or final moment of sunset may give you very brilliant results.

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