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Picture Modes and LandscapeMode In Digital Camera

Picture Modes

The green mode of the camera may serve you well in many situations by automatically focusing on a distant landscape scene.
When you want better results you can select the program mode or the basic capture mode and select infinity or infinity-landscape in the focus functional menu. But every landscape situation is unique. Cameras sometimes find it difficult to focus distant objects and in low levels of light. To ensure fail-safe sharpness in such situations modern digital cameras offer you a landscape mode itself in the mode palette.
This mode is one among those exclusively classified as picture modes. Other picture modes generally offered are flower mode, portrait mode, self- portrait mode, sunset mode, food mode, pet mode, text mode, sports mode and surf snow mode. The default settings on EV compensation, saturation, contrast, sharpness, and white balance on anyone of the above picture modes can be changed by you to suit your needs. You should refer to the manual specific to your camera for the provisions available.

Landscape Mode

The landscape mode provides support to capture the natural colors of scenery in parks, waterfalls, mountains and many things, that abound in nature. Any time of the day can be your choice for landscape photography except noon on a bright sunny day. But fine captures can be ensured between 9 A.M and 3 P.M. It should be the pursuit of the photographer to spot out locations where cloudy shadows and streaks of sunshine intrude and provide elements of lavish beauty in the complex blend of nature. Multiple shots tried with different angles will you give you unexpected results. It is a general practice to include clouds at the backdrop or a person in the foreground. That enables the scene to reveal the magnitude of what is seen.
Use of tripod is generally preferred for landscape photography. Use of wide angle in zoom lens may bring in more elements of the scene in your capture. But, it still depends on what exactly are the details of your search for.
You may also have to utilize all the potential available in the editing software to create dramatic effects in whatever you have captured in the landscape mode.

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