Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Dasarathram M Reddy [Arcadia. California] has written to me from
He has given valuable information on the features of a camera of the right choice and also
advised me on corrections to my observations.
To Mr.Reddy
Thank You! My dear brother!
I am reproducing here all your observations and comments for the benefit of the readers of my

Mr.Reddy’s Comments

“I have again gone through your Digital Camera Blog, and noted some points for correction. It looks that most of your jottings refer to a specific Camera used by you. You have stated that alkaline batteries are in use in most recent cameras; this is also not true. You have not mentioned about Ni-Mh batteries which are rechargeable and can also be used in place of alkaline batteries. Ni-Mh batteries last longer than alkaline batteries. However initial costs are 5 to 6 times more than alkaline batteries. Using the LCD monitor viewfinder causes a severe drain on any battery. To make the batteries last longer use of the optical (eye) viewfinder of the camera would be a good suggestion. Most of the Lithium ion Batteries are Proprietary items for the respective camera manufacturers and not a standard item like an alkaline battery which is available in any market place notwithstanding the fact that rechargeable Ni-Mh (AA, C or D) type batteries or sold generally in specialty stores. There is not much information available on the use of Ni- Cd batteries in spite of their fast recovery time compared to normal Alkaline batteries perhaps because of their individual voltage level being 1.2 volts whereas Alkaline and Ni-Mh batteries have individual higher voltage level of 1.5 volts.
AV cable is a standard item included in a package by any digital camera manufacturer and not an optional item as you have stated. About Power supply, Flash, Functional modes, Focus mode, Flash and Fill flash against backlit subjects and lighting I will discuss in my next letters. You have stated that reputed manufacturers like Pentax, Nikon and some others use quality lenses. Avoid use of specific manufacturers names. In fact Panasonic uses Leica lenses and Kodak uses Schneider lenses in most of their cameras and these lenses have a higher brand name reputation in the world like Zeiss Icon lenses”

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