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Green Mode and Program Mode in Digital Camera

Green Mode
Different modes are provided in a digicam to freeze the life's enchanting moments in time as photographs. A mode palette shows the icons relating to the modes the camera offer. The simplest mode to capture images quickly is what is generally known as Green Mode, which may not find place in the palette, but its green rectangle icon appears prominently in the monitor as soon as the camera is switched on and the button for the mode is pressed down. This is a fully automatic mode, which enables you to just point towards the subject, frame the image and press the shutter. Settings for all functions including the shutter speed and aperture, flash and continuous shooting are set to a standard combination with the exception of optical zoom. You can change the size of the subject by zooming in or out. You can also switch over to the green mode at any stage of operation from other capture modes
Program Mode
This is the basic capture mode. Generally, the camera automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture but you can select other functions such as flash mode, continuous shooting mode, and the focus mode. The arrangement may differ from one camera to the other and the ultimate guide shall be the manual provided with your camera.
The icon for the mode will be a capital P displayed in the first position in mode palette.
Functional Modes
The icon corresponding to particular set function will remain displayed in the monitor screen after the setting is selected.
Flash Mode
In the 'flash on' mode the flash discharges regardless of the brightness and does not discharge at all in the 'Flash off' mode. It will discharge automatically depending upon the light conditions in the’ auto mode', Red eyes caused by the light from the flash getting reflected in the subject’s eyes is reduced by two flash modes, one for the ‘auto’ position and the other for the ‘on’ position.
Continuous Shooting Mode
When this mode is selected pictures are taken continuously as long as the shutter release button is kept pressed.
Shooting stops as soon as you take your finger off. You can continue shooting till your memory card gets filled. The flash will not discharge in this mode.
Focus Mode
Apart from Auto Focus mode, which should be used when the distance to the subject is more than about 16 inches, you have Macro mode, Super Macro mode, Pan Focus mode, Infinity Landscape mode, Manual Focus mode and Focusing Area mode.
The macro mode is chosen when the distance of the subject is about 7 inches to20 inches and the super macro mode when it is from 2.4 inches to 8 inches.
The pan focus mode is used when the distance of the subject is approximately more than 5 feet at wide angle and more than 16.5 feet at tele angle.
The infinity-landscape mode is chosen when you have to shoot distant objects.
The manual focus mode is for adjusting the focus manually with control button.
The focusing area mode is for changing the auto focus area. A normal range and a spot range (reduced range) are available for selection.

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