Monday, July 24, 2006


Continuous Shooting Mode in Digital Camera

I had told you earlier that number of shots should be taken during an exciting event of sports so that any one shot could become by chance a memorable one. You may be asking as to how this shall be done to ensure that shot by all means. The Continuous Shooting Mode otherwise known as Burst Mode comes to your help for this venture.
This is a functional mode normally used with the basic capture mode of the digital camera. You are enabled to take several shots sequentially in succession at a rapid speed with this function when you go on keeping the shutter button fully held down during the critical period of an event. The above speed itself is again a function of the shutter release and image processing system of the camera and indicated as frames per second (fps). Frames per second differ widely in different cameras and models and will vary according to the settings for recorded pixels and quality level.
What exactly happens in this mode? When you continue shooting by pressing the shutter button fully held down over a long stretch of time, the images shot keep on getting stored in a buffer before they are processed and lodged in the memory card. The size of the buffer decides the number of frames that can be taken at a stretch. While some digital cameras specify the number of frames that can be shot in the burst mode, the latest compacts have sufficient buffer capacity that permits you to continue shooting till the memory card is full.

General Guidelines

This mode is not restricted to capture sports events alone. Taking photographs of children is another situation where you may be longing for a wonderful candid shot while they are playing. Burst mode is there to achieve your aim here. Even for taking portraits that you expect to have a candid sparkle, this mode will be helpful. However pre focusing is essential while you shoot in this mode and the battery should be fully charged before you start shooting.Keep a back up battery in readiness if you want to work in this mode for a long session. See that you have another memory card also in reserve if the card in use is not of a high storage capacity,
The manual specific to your camera should guide you for the recommended settings on file size and resolution.

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